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Music Monday #10: Sky Carroll

Music Monday #10: Sky Carroll

Words by Sky Carroll
April 13, 2020
Music Monday #6: Mia Breitenstein

Music Monday #6: Mia Breitenstein

Words by Mia Breitenstein, Photo Editor
March 16, 2020
Ysa Leon is the Editor-in-Chief of On the Record. She is a senior who is passionate about social issues and human photography. When she’s not playing lacrosse, you can find her drinking coffee, listening to Daniel Caeser, or rambling about European soccer. In the future, she hopes to make a career in journalism or criminal psychology.

Music Monday #5: Ysa Leon

Words by Ysa Leon
March 10, 2020
Noah Keckler is the Digital Assignment Editor for On The Record. He hopes to increase the web and social media content produced by On The Record and grow our online outreach. When he’s not making videos, he can be found hanging out with friends or playing ice hockey.

Music Mondays #3: Noah Keckler

Words by Noah Keckler
February 24, 2020
Evan Showalter is the Copy Editor for On the Record. He is a senior who is an assignment editor and writer for On the Record. He hopes to write impactful stories. He enjoys basketball, writing, and having fun with friends.

Music Mondays #2: Evan Showalter

Words by Evan Showalter, Copy Editor
February 17, 2020
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