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The Final Straw

Claire Rooney

February 19, 2019

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Straws suck. While using a straw could help make drinking an iced coffee a little more enjoyable, the reality is: most people don’t need them. We can’t completely get rid of them because they are necessary for the elderly and...

Addiction’s in Again!

Addiction’s in Again!

January 28, 2019

Life in Liquor

Life in Liquor

January 9, 2019

My Birth, My Way

December 12, 2018

We the Minors-Adolescents want their place at the grownups’ table, but seats are reserved until the age of 18.

Ali Shackelford

November 7, 2018

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Words by Ali Shackleford and Olivia Brotzge She watched the big hand tick minute by minute until the little hand finally moved one notch to the right. It was time. She felt hesitant but ready. She felt scared but brave. Woul...

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