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ART v. ARTIST- Can We Still Like the Art if We Don’t Like the Artist?

Karac Medley

June 10, 2018

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As any architect or construction worker will tell you, it is the foundation of a building that grounds it, whether it be a suburban two-story, an amphitheater, or a skyscraper. Once you knock out the base, no matter how tall and ...

YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET- Is Trump’s usage of Twitter presidential?

Ella Treinen and Sky Carroll

December 14, 2017

Filed under Politics, Social Issues, Top Stories

A ding echoes through the room. The back pocket of someone’s jeans vibrates. A screen flashes on from the corner of someone’s office desk. Millions of heads turn to look at the Twitter notifications on their lock screens. Someone ...

LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX- Trump’s budget proposal cuts comprehensive sex education in public schools.

Wesley Lynch

December 14, 2017

Filed under Social Issues, Top Stories

Participating in a high school sex education class is something most of us can relate to: the uncomfortable faces, the snickers of a few immature boys, the casual mention of taboo words. Despite these commonalities, our experi...

DACAMENTED AND DEFIANT- Under the threat of a DACA repeal, immigrant teens are fearing for their families and futures.

Mattie Townson

December 14, 2017

Filed under Social Issues, Top Stories

Right at this moment, someone in your life could be in danger of losing their family, their home, their future. You see them every day, but you may not see their struggles. You may not know that when they hear a knock at their...

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