Music Monday #29: Lillian Metzmeier

Assignment Editor, Lillian Metzmeier, shares her favorite songs and the special meaning behind them.


The most recent hobby that I’ve formed to keep me busy — and that’s ended up as an unintentional procrastination method — is making playlists. A lot of them. I’ll find one song I’m really into and proceed to add 18 more that I feel give off similar vibes. Personally, music has always helped me with my emotions. If I’m feeling super sad, I’ll play an array of songs that reflect my mood and will let me just wallow in my pity for a little bit. Sometimes if I’m not sure what to do, I try to find a song with a situation similar to mine and attempt to sort out my feelings.

I find my music from all over the place, whether it be me hearing a song my friend plays in their car and demanding for the name so I can add it to my playlist, or just a bop that comes up on my Spotify Discover Weekly. These songs are often what I listen to on my frequent walks; I’m a senior in high school that does not yet drive (I’m working on it, okay?). 

So, here are some song recommendations from me, and any stories that I have to go along with them!

Illicit Affairs – Taylor Swift

Let me start off by saying I am a DIE-HARD Taylor Swift fan. I have no shame. As I am such a “Swiftie,” I believe one thing she does not get enough credit for is her lyricism. For a woman as successful and famous as she is, Taylor still writes her own songs, which I find very admirable. Her newest album, “Folklore,” is such a good example of her exceptional songwriting, especially knowing these were all songs she wrote while bored in isolation. It was difficult to choose just one song from the album, as it’s one of my favorites she has ever released, but I have felt some connection to the song “Illicit Affairs” since the first listen. This song tells a story about a relationship that has to be kept hidden, and it contains beautiful imagery along with it being a unique song for Taylor in general. The line “And you know damn well, for you I would ruin myself a million little times” is so beautifully heartbreaking that the first time I heard it I started crying. I definitely recommend this song and the rest of “Folklore” to even the people who don’t typically enjoy Taylor’s music; I think this album shows more of her maturity and raw talent.

Line Without a Hook – Ricky Montgomery

For a few years now, Ricky Montgomery has been one of my favorite singer/songwriters after a friend recommended one of his songs to me and I fell in love. “Line Without a Hook” might be my favorite song ever. The very first line is strong and draws you in for the entirety of the next four minutes. At times the song sounds almost musical theatre-y, and I have always been into musicals. There is a lot going on throughout, and this variety is what makes it so nice to listen to, along with the beautiful lyrics that you notice include a lot of symbolism once you’ve listened to it enough. It’s the type of song that I try to sing when I’m home alone and end up failing miserably, but don’t mind because the attempt is very fun in itself. After another one of his songs, “Mr. Loverman,” blew up on TikTok, Ricky is finally getting some of the recognition he deserves. I strongly urge you to listen to his solo music along with the songs from his band, The Honeysticks. 

Did It To Myself – Orla Gartland

Another one of my favorite artists I believe is severely underrated is Orla Gartland. Not only does she have the voice of an angel, but her music elicits emotions in me I didn’t even know I could feel. When her new EP, “Freckle Season,” came out this February, I remember taking a walk to a local park and when I sat down on a bench, I played this song and started sobbing. I tried to play off the redness in my face and attribute it to the cold weather when I ran into someone I knew right after. “Did It To Myself” focuses on a breakup where Orla believes she is the cause for the relationship’s downfall. Her pain is so apparent in the song to the point where you, or at least I, can feel it as your own. I think that’s a sign of immense talent, and even though sometimes listening to her music makes me sad, it also makes me feel very human, which is always important — especially now where a lot of us are having a lot less human connection.

The Rock Show – Blink 182

Not only is this just an amazing, feel-good, dance like nobody’s watching song on its own, it also has gifted me some of my favorite memories with my best friends. On my 17th birthday, my friends and I were looking for songs that had the age 17 in it so we could make a playlist. Up until my birthday, I was oddly wary about turning 17 — it felt way too old. I told everyone that I wanted to stay 16 for the rest of my life. However, when we found this song to put on the playlist, we drove around playing it until we could scream the chorus pretty loud. We redyed my hair black, and played it on repeat until I was almost sick of it. After that day, I realized that 17 is actually a pretty awesome age, and “The Rock Show” by Blink 182 is a pretty awesome song. So, if you’re ever in need of a epic car ride song that you can also jam out to on Guitar Hero, this is perfect.

  Somebody’s Baby – Sidney Gish (cover)

I’m pretty sure Marilyn (the beautiful, wonderfully talented Creative Director of this staff) is the first person that recommended Sidney Gish’s music to me. Her entire discography is so good, but this particular song is actually a cover of a popular Jackson Browne song from the 80s. I took a listen to the original after listening to this cover, but I just love the direction Gish takes it in. She starts the song off with a clip of Jackson Browne talking, and instead of a man that sees a woman and tries to make her his, it’s from a woman’s perspective. She speculates whether the beautiful girl she sees could be hers or if she already has a “baby.” If you already know the original song, I say listen to this cover for a different perspective, and while you’re at it listen to her two original albums “No Dogs Allowed” and “Ed Buys Houses.”

Good News – Mac Miller

I love Mac Miller. The fact that I’ll never get to see him live is slightly soul-crushing, but 

I make the best of it by watching some of his old live performances on Youtube. This was the first song released off of Mac’s posthumous Album, “Circles.” This song is special to me because it was an unexpected new single after his passing, and the lyrics that were written when he was alive have a way different, powerful meaning listening to it after. It’s really a song about being broken, about not feeling okay but also feeling like you can’t be outwardly negative. Though I get sad every time I listen to it, it’s still one of my favorite songs. One of the best ways to listen to it is lying outside in the grass and just watching the trees while you take in the music. 

Out of Style – The Wrecks

This song makes me feel like I’m in a movie, simple as that. “Out of Style” came out during the start of quarantine, so to add some excitement to my monotonous life I’d get ready for my day while playing it. I really enjoy how the song doesn’t take itself too seriously with the lyrics, which really matches the meaning of the song. A stand out line for me would have to be “heard you’re pregnant, that’s cool I guess. But can you make your whole room glow three different shades of red?” where the narrator is singing about their past lovers current life compared to theirs. The Wrecks is more rock compared to the rest of my music taste, but I still thoroughly enjoy them — all of their songs are so fun to sing along to and I think a lot more people should check out their music!

Kissaphobic – Make Out Monday

This is another one of my all-time favorite songs that I do not think enough people have heard. It reminds me of one of the best times of my life, and every time I listen I get that feeling of how I did the first time I discovered this song. The vocals are really soothing, and the lyrics are very well-written and I think a lot of people could relate to them. The vibe of the song is very “teenage-love.” It’s kind of about being wary to fall for someone again as an aftermath of past heartbreak. I honestly would rate this song a 10/10, which is not too easy to come by in my ranks. 

Fight or Flight – Conan Gray

This year and last year, I went through a huge Conan Gray phase. I’m still a big fan of his, it just took me a second to realize that OF COURSE I needed to add one of his songs on here. He released his debut album, “Kid Krow,” on March 20 this year, a date I know by heart because I was almost literally counting down the days. I loved everything about the album once it came out, but this song stood out to me in so many ways. The lyrics are pretty dramatic as it’s written in the perspective of someone who found out their significant lover cheated on them, which I personally love because it makes it that much more fun to sing along to. There’s some sort of flare to this song that I can’t quite put my finger on that sets it apart from the rest of his music.