On the Record


On the Record is a student run newsmagazine centered around filling the void of youth voice in the media. We currently distribute citywide in Louisville and southern Indiana. Print copies of our publication can be found around the Louisville area, in notable locations such as: most Heine Brothers, Half-Price Books on Westport Road and Hurstbourne Parkway, Press on Market, and Please & Thank You. Digital copies of our magazine are posted to issuu.com/ontherecordmagazine as they are released. 

We are a professional-level news publication devoted to amplifying youth stories in Louisville across all platforms. We report on local and national issues, while making them both interesting and accessible for our audience through original and diverse storytelling. We promise to uphold journalistic standards while telling involved and inclusive stories that impact our community.

On the Record is also an award-winning newsmagazine, having won both a National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) Pacemaker and a Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) Gold Crown in the past year. On the Record has also been awarded by institutions such as the Western Kentucky University (WKU) Mark of Excellence and Kentucky High School Journalism Association (KHSJA) for photography, writing, and design achieved by individual members of the publication.

On the Record’s faculty adviser is Liz Palmer, the magnet coordinator of the Journalism & Communication program at duPont Manual High School. You may reach her at [email protected].

Meet the On the Record team:

  • Editorial Board
    • Ysa Leon is the Editor-in-Chief of On the Record. She is a senior who is passionate about social issues and human photography. When she’s not playing lacrosse, you can find her drinking coffee, listening to Daniel Caeser, or rambling about European soccer. In the future, she hopes to make a career in journalism or criminal psychology.
    • Ella Treinen is a senior and the Managing Editor of On the Record. She loves to uncover the stories of absolute strangers and hopes to pursue storytelling for as long as she can. When she isn’t working on the magazine, she’s probably eating a bowl of cereal, strumming on her guitar or getting after it on the lacrosse field.
    • Sky Carroll is the Content Director of On the Record, coordinating what the staff produces and how it’s produced. She has a passion for advocacy through storytelling, loves all things government and politics, and dreams of teaching English abroad. You can find her swimming, reading a good book, or daydreaming about traveling.
    • Jess Mays is a Senior and the Design Editor for On the Record. He enjoys designing infographics and listening to early 2000s rap music. He hopes to improve his skills in online/web design this year. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and has plans of pursuing a career in graphic design.
    • Mia Breitenstein is a senior and the Photo Editor for On the Record. She’s been behind a camera for as long as she can remember and enjoys all kinds of photography, especially portraiture. She can typically be found out on a run, snuggling up with her beagle, or daydreaming about Colorado.
    • Evelyn Walford is the Creative Director of On the Record. As a senior, she has spent her past three years of high school preparing to be Creative Director by enhancing her graphic design skills, learning how to be a photographer, and improving her work ethic. In her spare time you can find her playing with her Australian Shepherd, taking long walks with her friends, or day dreaming about going off to college.
    • Evan Showalter is the Copy Editor for On the Record. He is a senior who is an assignment editor and writer for On the Record. He hopes to write impactful stories. He enjoys basketball, writing, and having fun with friends.
  • Assignment Editors
    • Noah Keckler is the Digital Assignment Editor for On The Record. He hopes to increase the web and social media content produced by On The Record and grow our online outreach. When he’s not making videos, he can be found hanging out with friends or playing ice hockey.
    • Sylvia Cassidy is a junior and a Digital Assignment Editor for On The Record. Sylvia has a passion for writing and a zest for web content. She can’t wait to expand OTR’s web presence.
    • Maddie Currie is a senior assignment editor of One the Record. She loves writing about social issues and making cute cartoons for her stories. When she isn’t at school or slicing bread at Lotsa Pasta, you can find her jamming out in her car to Mt. Joy or sipping an iced latte.
    • Patrick Harper is a senior Assignment Editor and designer for On the Record. He’s focused on creating bold spreads with lots of colors and exciting visuals! You can find him jamming to some dope tunes in his 2000 off-white Volvo exploring the world, trying new spicy foods, or going on adventures with the people that make him happiest.
    • Annie Whaley is a junior assignment editor in On The Record. She loves writing but she loves her team even more. If you can’t find her watching Patriot Act on Netflix or getting ready for football games with friends, she’s probably scooping ice cream at her job at Comfy Cow.
    • Lainey Holland is a junior on On the Record as an Assignment Editor, photographer, and designer. She loves to capture raw moments through her portraits. If she is not taking or editing photos, you can find her drinking kombucha, laughing with friends, or watching health and lifestyle videos on YouTube.
    • Alauryn Moore is a junior on On the Record as an assignment editor and a writer. She has a burning passion for social justice and writing stories about highly debated topics. In her free time you can find her hanging out with friends and family, online shopping, or listening to music. In the future, she plans to pursue a career in law enforcement.
    • Katie Cummins is a junior on On the Record as Assistant Copy Editor and a writer. She loves writing long form features and telling others’ stories. Aside from writing for On the Record, she also plays field hockey, tutors for Educational Justice, and treats watching Netflix as more than a hobby. She’s not sure exactly what she wants to be in the future, but she knows that she’s passionate about telling stories
  • Advertising Team
    • Alana Fields is a junior on On The Record as Marketing Director. She enjoys public relations and community outreach. She spends most of her time on the field hockey field and volunteering for non-profits. Alana is proud to lead new efficiency and outreach projects with the Advertising team this year!
    • Jessica Carney-Perks is a junior on On the record as a Marketing Assistant. Motivated to bringing perspectives to the public about local businesses and as well as promoting the community events. Through all the smiles and laughs, she’s dedicated to hair education, stage management, and business development. In the future she plans to pursue a career in public relations and live in Washington DC.
    • Katie McCartney is a junior on On the Record as a Marketing Assistant. Her passions include photography, being organized, and playing lacrosse. She loves baking and anything to do with the Netflix show Grey’s Anatomy. In the future she wants to live in a big city with great views and pursue a career in Business or Marketing.
  • Web Team
    • Claire Rooney is the webmaster for On The Record. She coordinates website content and enjoys writing from time to time. On any given day, you can find her strumming a guitar, shooting a bow and arrow at archery practice, or hanging out with her friends for brunch. She’s very excited for the next year on staff and hopes to have an amazing and informative year.
    • Anabel Magers is a Junior on the On the Record web team. She enjoys covering social justice issues. She loves to write, but spends time designing too. In her free time she can be found with her friends or exploring the outdoors. In the future she plans to pursue a career in journalism.
    • Noah Grebe is a junior, is a videographer for On The Record. He hopes to create meaningful multimedia for the Louisville community. He also enjoys swimming, watching college basketball, and making vlogs, which he plans to post on his YouTube soon.
    • Marilyn Buente is a Junior on On the Record as a Social Media Manager, reporter, and illustrator. In her free time, she practices electric guitar, photography, and filmmaking. In the future, Marilyn hopes to be a filmmaker, focusing on making documentary style films.
  • Staffers
    • Grant Stromquist is a junior on On the Record as a designer. He has a passion for graphic design, especially infographics, and learning about social issues and journalism. Grant is also club a swimmer and dives for fun. Although he loves design and journalism, he wants to be a pilot and live in a big city.
    • Justin Price is a sophomore writer for On The Record. He is passionate about issues relating to inequality and other prominent social justice problems that we face as a society today. When he isn’t working on his next story, Justin can be found running for the cross country team, spending time with his friends, or rewatching “The Office” for the umpteenth time.
    • Payton Carns is a junior on On the Record this year as a writer. She is passionate about reporting on social issues, especially raising awareness on mental health issues. She runs cross country and loves to read romance novels, listen to music, and rave about 5SOS. She wants to eventually go to law school and find a career where she can support herself in a big city.
    • John Woodhouse is a sophomore writer for On the Record Magazine. He enjoys writing about tough issues. In his free time, he enjoys running with his friends, going on hikes, or rocking out to Megan Thee Stallion
    • Jacob Hamm is a Junior and is a writer and designer for On the Record who wants to use his skills to make an impact in the community. He is a part of the soccer and track teams. He loves reading, napping, and thunderstorms.
    • Hannah Welch is a sophomore, is predominately a writer and designer for On The Record, but also loves delivering moments through the art of photography. She has a heart for covering social justice issues and bringing uncomfortable issues to the surface of conversations. When she’s not creating new things you can find her attempting to run for cross country or drinking Ale 8’s on top of cars! Beyond high school Hannah has plans to pursue a life of full time ministry, going to Bible College, and possibly studying abroad.
    • Samuel Watkins is a sophomore writer for On the Record, as well as a speech and debate fanatic. He holds a deep love for storytelling in all forms, and hopes to ultimately make a positive difference—at least, right after finishing one last YouTube mini-doc.
    • Faith Lindsey is a junior and the Lead Photographer on On the Record. She is an avid Prince fan and knows most of the dance moves, beats, and ad libs to Beyonce’s Homecoming. Catch her trying her best to live a radically positive life and sharing that joy with others!
    • Lily Wobbe is a sophomore staff writer for On The Record. She loves learning about people, culture, and social issues, and she’s especially interested in politics and the government. After school, she’s almost always dancing, listening to Coldplay, or working on a creative writing project. In the future, Lily hopes to go to college in Chicago and cover politics as a journalist.
    • Gefen Yussman is a junior designer for On the Record. She enjoys creating flat design characters of her friends and redesigning logos. In her free time you will find her shopping at Goodwill, in an escape room, or eating at Noodles and Company! She plans to continue graphic design throughout college and beyond.
    • Marjorie Mays is a sophomore designer on On the Record. She enjoys typography and designing page layouts. Marjorie is a dedicated member of the field hockey team and is also on the sophomore steering committee. If any Taylor Swift song is playing, you’ll always catch her singing along. Marjorie plans to go to college out of state, but she’s not sure what career she wants to pursue yet.
    • Elizabeth Klein is a sophomore on On The Record as a writer for the digital team. She is passionate about human interactions and thoughts as well as social issues, and enjoys taking photos. Apart from playing volleyball, she loves to spend her free time writing, reading poetry, spending time on her positivity instagram account, and listening to contemporary R&B. As for the future, her plan is to go where the wind blows her.
    • Yaara Aleissa is a Sophomore on On the Record as a writer. Having a passion for social justice issues and inequalities throughout the world. Some fun facts about her is that she does karate and currently working her way up to a black belt hoping. For the magazine she hope to be able to contribute her skill and try new things along the way such as photography.
    • James Jean-Marie is a junior on On the Record with a position as a Designer. His passions include photography, soccer, and having a good time with friends. In his free time you can find him playing around in Photoshop, hanging out with friends or taking a nap. In his future, he hopes to pursue some field in design or either in programming.
    • Sarah Woodson is a junior on On The Record as a designer. She has a very big passion for graphic design, and loves working with a creative approach. When she isn’t designing, Sarah is usually creating within a different medium (music, writing, etc.) In the future she hopes to pursue a career in graphic design or women/gender studies.
    • Whitney Nguyen is a sophomore at duPont Manual, is also a reporter and writer for On the Record. She’s especially interested in the stories that usually aren’t in the spotlight, but also social issues as well, and is devoted to correcting the lack of representation and diversity through her storytelling. When she’s not focused on transferring her words to paper, she’s usually cozied up in her bed reading books or rocking out to Alessia Cara. She plans to become an author, screenwriter, or journalist–a career that involves writing.

A newsmagazine by and for the youth of Louisville