The Lumineers Take On Louisville


The Lumineers perform for an excited crowd at KFC Yum! Center on the night of August 31.

The Lumineers’ 44th city on the Brightside World Tour was Louisville, Kentucky. 


While the sun was still up, a few thousand people gathered in long lines outside the KFC Yum! Center. The crowd was well dressed, some in long boho dresses or skirts, and some with large sun hats and boots on, all ready to enjoy The Lumineers’ modern rock music. 


The rock group illuminated the Yum! Center on the night of August 31, after singer-songwriter, James Bay, opened the show. 


James Bay captivated the crowd as they sang along to his music. His performance was spotless. He played guitar and sang, and would periodically switch guitars. His set was pretty long for an opening act, however, it set a great mood for the night and did not wear out the crowd.


Around an hour later, The Lumineers came out on the large stage. The crowd was ecstatic, all smiling. Some concert-goers had their phones out to film, others had their phone flashlight out, moving back and forth. Many were just enjoying the moment, singing along, without their phones.


During the first three songs, the crowd grew more excited as the stage lights grew brighter. Engagement increased as the concert grew louder. 


The audience of all ages was filled with true fans who knew the words to most of the songs. The energy was unmatched, the crowd was so mellow but thoroughly engaged throughout the night.


As the show went on, lead singer, Wesley Schultz, told stories to the audience. He gave background to the songs that he was about to sing and the arena went quiet as they listened with anticipation. It added emphasis and emotion to the performance, which many fans enjoyed and appreciated. 


In some of the more energetic songs, Schultz got off the stage and played guitar in the floor pit. They loved that; screaming fans took pictures and videos of the moment, many of which made it to social media within hours.


When the disco ball lit up in the orange light, the crowd brought their phone flashlights to glow alongside the stage. The illumination was almost an embodiment of the night: everything was bright, from the stage to the smiling faces of the crowd.