Logan Street Sounds

An inside look at Purrnsnickety’s performance at the Sam Wing concert at Logan Street Market on January 13.


Sam Wing and members of Purrsnickety, Mclovin’, and Sunflight pose for the crowd at Logan Street Market in Louisville, Ky on January 13th, 2023. Photo by Jazmine Martinez.

Walking into Logan Street Market on January 13, 2022, I was filled with nervous excitement to photograph my first concert. Inside, I was surrounded on both sides by restaurants, coffee shops, and small businesses. The public, community-centered market offers spaces for local bands to perform, the dates of which can be seen in the events calendar on their website.

 A few people were scattered throughout the building, including Purrsnickety’s lead singer, Ava Dixon. Dixon and I walked together to the concert space behind a set of blue, worn-out doors, where Purrsnickety would be opening for Sam Wing.

Purrsnickety is a girl band based out of Louisville, formed by Dixon, Ally Greer, Tessa Stephens, Dannhi Nguyen, and Sophie Ritcher in August 2022. Their first live performance was at DuPont Manual High School’s Ramstock 2022. They have performed in a few live shows with other Louisville bands, including Sunflight, McLovin, and Caravans. 

 Greer and Stephens met Sam Wing during the 2021-2022 school year through a YPAS guitar class. Wing is a singer/songwriter from Louisville, Kentucky. He started creating and recording original songs during the pandemic in 2020. His first album, “Wing,” was released in July 2021 and his newest song, “I Won’t See,” was released on January 14, 2022. Wing asked Purrsnickety to open for his first show — in which he performed his original songs — after Stephens had played the saxophone for Wing’s songs in summer of 2022. 

“We love playing music. You don’t really get that many opportunities to play that kind of music with your friends unless you make a band,” Stephens said.

Many local bands are thought of to be mostly male. Purrsnickety wants to change the stereotypes.

“I feel like a lot of Louisville bands I know are so male-dominated,” Greer said.

Purrsnickety plans to continue playing in live shows together, create original music, and pursue music after highschool.

 “It was so much fun. It was even better than the last show. I think we did better, the vibes were so good. I really enjoyed it,” Dixon said after the show.