On the Record

A photo illustration of a young man with a backpack. Behind him is an illustration of school lockers. The words

Come as You Are

February 7, 2020

A photo of a young woman smiling in front of the stables inside of Churchill Downs. The young woman is part of the Backside Learning Center.

Beyond the Spires

January 23, 2020

Mental Health Education in Schools: Why It Should Matter to You

Words by Lainey Holland and Peyton Carns

August 15, 2019

Every year on the second day of school, we are shown the same mental health awareness video. A kid is being bullied, they’re sad, their friends help by encouraging them to see a counselor, and the kid begins to feel better. ...

Do It For State

Words by Evan Showalter

November 29, 2018

It's no secret that JCPS and the state have had a lot of issues in the past. Over the last year, they have been in a long and complicated battle that seems to have everyone confused, but it is much more than political mumbo jumbo...

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