Dear Reader – Summer 2019


Dear Reader,

Hi! I’m Ysa Leon, the new Editor-in-Chief of On the Record newsmagazine. I’d like to introduce myself, but also take a minute to thank everyone who has prepared me for this coming year, and give you a little hint about what we have cookin’. 

Audrey Champelli was an astounding editor; she was made for the job, no doubt. She’s left me with valuable lessons that help me confidently say that I am ready to take on this position. 

I’ve also learned, through my own experiences as a writer, that being a journalist and a student can be hard. We are limited, no matter what. We follow a different set of guidelines; we fight for interviews that fit our schedule outside of school, sports, work. But, in On the Record, we challenge these limits. We aren’t afraid of sharing the raw, untold stories of the amazing people in our city. We don’t hesitate to report on the hard stuff, despite the possible consequences. We write about politics, social issues, and ethics. 

And the best part is, we do it all as the voice of the youth. We promise to uphold journalistic standards, report diligently, and let the silent youth be heard. This is our mission. 

That being said, it all starts this summer. Today, in fact. Every week we will publish a new story, a new voice to be heard, and you don’t want to miss it. Stay tuned on social media for updates, and always check our website, We’ve got stories to tell, and we’re counting on you to hear them. So, this summer, get to know us and our stories, while we tell yours.

Happy Reading,

Ysa Leon