Dear Reader – Fall 2022


Words by Mia Leon, Web/Social Editor


Dear Reader,

Welcome to a new age of We have some exciting changes we would like to share with you! As our world becomes increasingly online dependent, and the youth grows closer to their screens, we believe it is our time as student journalists to open this new window of opportunity.

Louisville is full of messages that yearn to be heard. We have more information that needs to be shared, and more voices that must be amplified. Passion to share these stories to the youth of Louisville is burning in each and every On the Record journalist. That is why OTR’s web and social media presence is expanding to heights that have been seemingly unreachable for student publications. 

In these past years, we have all experienced the most unprecedented events; we all have stories to tell, experiences to relate to, and emotions we cannot yet put into words. That is why it is so important that we use our voice to reach our audience: you. The wide world of web and social media gives us a larger platform to do so. If you’re reading this on your phone or laptop: mission accomplished.

Be on the lookout for feature articles, reviews, new columns, art, infographics, photos, and more throughout the year!

Join us in changing the world of student journalism, one post at a time.


Happy Reading,

Mia Leon

Web/Social Editor