Dear Reader –– Fall 2020: Introducing “The Project”

Wondering what we’ve been working towards since August? You’re going to want to read this!


Words by Lainey Holland

Dear Reader, 

We’ve got an update for you, and I think you’re gonna like it. This semester, as educational instruction is virtual, we have shifted fully online to pursue a new wave of journalism: an immersive user experience and digital package we have dubbed “The Project.” It combines aspects of the On the Record print magazine you know and love –– our signature long-form storytelling and compelling photography –– with interactive web design and in-depth videography. 

Our journalists are diving into topics more relevant in our city than ever: the causes and effects of gentrification, the impact of the Breonna Taylor protests, the mythology of the American Dream…  We’re also continuing to cover the impact of the coronavirus, and how a shift to “life online” affects students, families, and schools. And, what would On the Record be without a little culture? Look forward to a story about Tik Tok and the “could have beens” of 2020. 

Check out all these stories and more in the final package, dropping at the end of 2020. Be on the lookout for story teasers and behind the scenes coverage on our social media and website. 

This past year has presented unforeseen challenges, but it’s solidified the importance of our role as student journalists: the youth of Louisville can change our future for the better.  

As we are redefining what it means to be “On the Record,” we hope you’ll stick along for the ride. 

Happy scrolling, clicking, watching, and reading –– you’re gonna do it all, 

Lainey Holland