On the Record

From left to right, Kate, 18, Anna, 23, Michael, and Marcia Seiler

Meet the Seilers

April 15, 2020

1 in 12,000

Words by Ysa Leon, Assignment Editor

June 5, 2019

It is estimated that 360,000 people are born worldwide on any given day. So, on Dec. 23, 1980, Jena Quesada shared her birthday with hundreds of thousands of babies around the world. But, out of those third of a million, Quesa...

Your Local Gov. Guide

Words by Ysa Leon and Maddie Currie

November 2, 2018

Words by Ysa Leon and Maddie Currie It’s Nov. 6, 2018 — election day. Yikes. Walking up to your voting site, you realize the names you’re seeing are unfamiliar. Divided by parties and levels of power, the letters strung to...

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