SJW: Why We Do What We Do

Today’s theme for Scholastic Journalism Week is “Why Do We Do What We Do?” Read our answer below.


Design by Grant Stromquist

Words by Lainey Holland

We are On the Record. What we do matters. 

This week is Scholastic Journalism Week, and this year’s theme is “What We Do Matters.” 

Here at On the Record, we believe that everything we do matters. Our stories — carefully crafted by and for the youth of Louisville — are important to our community because we strive to: 

  • inform Louisville’s youth and amplify their stories
  • create unbiased local and national reporting with a concentration in long-form storytelling and innovative visuals
  • engage our audience through a diverse human perspective
  • uphold journalistic standards while telling involved and inclusive stories

We appreciate your support for student journalism and are excited to contribute to the national journalism conversation.