Music Monday #1: Maddie Currie

Assignment Editor Maddie Currie made a playlist for the first installment in a new series: Music Mondays!

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The Silent Cycle
February 5, 2020

Welcome to Music Mondays! Each week a new OTR staff member will make a playlist that you can listen to on our Spotify! On the website will be a short description of why the staff member chose the song or what it means to them. The first in this installment is Assignment Editor Maddie Currie’s playlist. Enjoy!

“Julia” by Mt. Joy

Mt. Joy is an indie rock band from Los Angeles and Philadelphia. They released their first, and so far only, album in September of 2018. I can honestly say, I love every song. In an interview with Atwood Magazine, lead vocalist, Matt Quinn, described their album as an “exploration and coming of age, trials and tribulations”. Julia reflects that description. Quinn says Julia, at least to him, is about “trying to have a romantic relationship when your life is changing really, really drastically.” Our lives are moving so fast and I think that is something anyone our age can relate to. 

 “Nitetime” by DENTON

DENTON, also known as Nick and Austin Green, is two brothers from right outside Chicago. All of DENTON’s music was created in Nick’s room and recorded in his closet. Nitetime is especially fun to listen to, for me at least, because if you listen closely you can hear my sister on the background vocals, since she’s dating Nick. DENTON has two EPs currently out, “Bummer” and “Sucker.” They haven’t mentioned putting out a third, but they just released a new single and they’re always working on new music (whether it be something they intend to release or just for fun). I’ve had the privilege of hearing some “in the works” songs and let me tell you, the next EP, whenever it comes out, is gonna be good.


“Crooked Teeth” by Death Cab For Cutie

Death Cab For Cutie, from Seattle, is one of the definitive indie bands from the 2000s. Death Cab has been a major part of my life since I was five or six when my dad introduced me to their fifth studio album, “Plans,” when it was released in 2005. “Plans” reached number four on the Billboard 200 and earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Music Album. “Crooked Teeth” was one of the three singles produced from the album. I wish I could put every Death Cab song on this list; I were you, I would definitely check out the rest of their albums.


“So Caught Up” by Teskey Brothers

The Teskey Brothers are a blues rock band from Melbourne, Australia. They wrote their first album “Half Mile Harvest,” and recorded, produced, and released it independently. A few months ago, my dad happened upon their latest album, “Run Home Slow,” and they’ve become a household favorite ever since. The vocals and piano in “So Caught Up” get me everytime. I was completely blown away by their set at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival and let me tell ya, the lead singer can play harmonica like no one I’ve ever seen.


“Seventeen” by Lake Street Dive

You’ve probably noticed the common theme of “my dad introduced me to them” and here’s another example of that. My dad introduced me to Lake Street Dive in 2014 with the release of their fourth album, “Bad Self Portraits.” The lead singers old school singing leaves me in awe every time and their live performances have always exceeded my expectations. “Seventeen” has always been my favorite because of the duet I never realized I needed between the lead singer, Rachel Price, and drummer, Mike Calabrese. 


“1901” by Phoenix

Phoenix is an indie pop band from Versaillies, France. “1901,” a song about France in 1901, is the lead single for their fourth studio album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.” Released in 2009, it was their first song to make charts in the United States. My father introduced me to Phoenix, like many of the other songs on this list. This is one of our favorite songs to rock out to in the car. 


“Colours” by Grouplove

Grouplove is a Los Angeles based indie rock band. Their song “Tongue Tied” (maybe you’ve heard it” was what introduced me to the band. “Colours” is the first song on their first studio album “Never Trust A Happy Song.” I interpret this song to be about self-acceptance. Acceptance of not only who you are but also who you used to be. I think that’s a message a lot of kids need to hear — that everyone makes mistakes and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. 


“From Above” by Ben Folds & Nick Hornby

Ben Folds is a singer-songwriter and record producer from North Carolina and Nick Hornby is a lyricist from Surrey, England. My dad introduced me to Folds when I was pretty young and this song has always been one of my favorites. From Above is the lead single off of their collaboration album, “Lonely Avenue,” which came out in 2010. The music and vocals are by Folds and the lyrics are by Hornby.