Music Monday #7: Hannah Welch


Hello there, I’m Hannah. I’m a writer and photographer for OTR, and I LOVE music. Welcome to a collection of just seven songs. Songs with valuable memories sketched into them. I’d like to say I enjoy almost every genre of music, so here’s my top seven from every mood playlist I have. Oh yeah, and be sure to follow me on Spotify. (nutcracker07) 


“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac

Oh boy, please close your eyes and vibe out to this one, or put the windows of your car down and speed on backroads at midnight while blasting it. There’s just no in between. I grew up loving Fleetwood Mac. They’re my all time favorite band. Listening to this specific song gives me that teenage dream feeling. You know, the, take every risk, live wild and free, vibe. The vibe never loses its touch with “Dreams,” so take a listen.


“Happy & Sad” by Kacey Musgraves

Apparently I was late to discovering Kacey Musgraves, and her most famous album, “Golden Hour.” This song makes my heart swell up just listening to it. I really resonate with that feeling of sometimes not being able to fully experience the happiness of a moment all because you don’t want to lose it. This year, including late 2019, I started feeling that as I lost so many key people in my life just because of opposing walks of life. I’ve really learned you’re always going to lose people, but the best thing for now is to  just enjoy the time you have with them and live in the moment.  


“Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac

“Landslide” has to be my favorite Fleetwood Mac song out there. Even though it’s so sad, every part of this song is just so beautiful. In this song Stevie Nicks sings about having to accept change and move out of a relationship that she made into her identity. This ballad so beautifully describes emotions I went through even growing up as I would observe the process of life so meticulously. I adore soaking up life and love and the experiences that make us people, even when it hurts. Even when you have to make the move for yourself to just move on. 


“Pieces (Spontaneous)” by Bethel Music

I remember the first time I heard this song. I remember breaking down crying on the floor just taking in every word in my soul. This is a worship song, and every time I hear it, my heart feels the same: completely overwhelmed and made whole. This song declares truth over what love really is. It’s so much greater than the love we find ourselves brokenhearted over in this world. My favorite part is the bridge. Those words just bring me close to Him every time.

Your love’s not fractured

It’s not a troubled mind

It isn’t anxious

It’s not the restless kind

Your love’s not passive

It’s never disengaged

It’s always present

It hangs on every word we say

Love keeps its promises

It keeps its word

It honors what’s sacred

‘Cause its vows are good

Your love’s not broken

It’s not insecure

Your love’s not selfish

Your love is pure”


“July” by Noah Cyrus (ft. Leon Bridges)

I love listening to this song at dusk or dawn. It’s so beautiful. The guitar, Noah’s voice, Leon’s voice, it all just currates together making one of my favorite songs to exist. I love riding the bus and just watching the sky while listening to this on repeat. The words are about a toxic relationship, but I really just listen for the relaxing mood I’m immediately put in when I hear it. 


“Lift Up Your Voices” by Sunday Service Choir

This is the most beautiful choir I’ve ever heard. Their voices just lifting praises give me chills every time. This song reminds me of my time in NYC last summer, where I got to visit a church in Brooklyn. I was one of five white people in the entire room and I will never forget the feeling of finally understanding what It was like to not see people that just looked like you all the time. It was so humbling to see the way people of that church just took me in with open arms and love even as a stranger. They had a few people singing at the front of their worship room that Sunday, but the entire room lifted up their voices louder than the Sunday Service Choir. My dream is to go back and become a member of that church one day, living somewhere in Brooklyn. 


“Cherry” by Harry Styles

A vibe very similar to “July, listening to this song gives me a relaxed, summertime sadness feeling. I’ve always loved listening to songs with old voicemails on them. It’s such a surreal way of remembering something or someone. Similar to rewatching old videos or looking through pictures of memories you wish you could relive. Listening to this song, I always picture summer sunsets on top of parking garages and river views for the time I had in Europe.