Food Friday: Heart and Soy

Anna Burzynski explores Heart and Soy while adhering to her family’s many food restrictions.


Words by Anna Burzynski

Finding a place to eat in a family of six where everyone has food restrictions— from wheat allergies to being vegetarian— has always been difficult. One restaurant that soon became my family’s go-to was Heart and Soy on Bardstown Road. It was perfect for its variety of delicious food that accommodated all of our food limitations.


Walking in the entrance, you can choose to go left, to the more upscale evening restaurant called Roots, or head to the right and go into Heart and Soy. The environment is always chill when you walk in, allowing you to be calm and comfortable if you choose to dine in. People talk casually at their tables and the lower lighting pairs well with a lot of natural light coming from the windows.


After walking in, you are quickly greeted with a smile by the workers and owner of the restaurant. They are always ready for a conversation and happy to explain anything on the menu for you. Looking at the menu, you will see a variety of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options. 


I went with the classic pad thai while my mom selected the curry vegetable and tofu noodles, and we split an order of spring rolls. After ordering, we were able to pick where we sat and began waiting for our food. 


The wait was around 20 minutes, which isn’t a very long time for the quality of food you get. Also, you can enjoy one of my favorite pastimes:  people-watching on Bardstown Road. I went during mid-afternoon and sitting by the window gave me the perfect view to see a ton of people— and a cute dog!


The servers greeted us with colorful dishes of delicious food. One of my favorite things at Heart and Soy is their tofu because of how fresh it is. This is because they make their tofu in-house. You are able to watch them make it through a large window! Plus, they make their dishes after you order it, so it is consistently fresh tasting. 


My mom and I enjoyed our meal, while others’ conversations and the quiet hum of the kitchen was in the background. The natural lighting and smells wafting out of the kitchen allow a welcoming feeling of warmth that makes you want to sit and stay for a while. 


Another convenience is that Bardstown Road is close by, so after eating, if you wanted, you could walk around or go to Baxter Avenue to watch a movie. You feel ready for anything after eating such a delicious meal. 


I would highly recommend going to this restaurant if you are someone who wants to try new foods and have new experience!